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April 16, 2010


The Rogue Nation is not the sponsor of this event for the author of "Going Rogue".

She is not a member of the Rogue Nation and few politicians qualify.

We still don't know her position on the admission of The Rogue Nation into the United Nation.

Rogue already has an Author Laureate: Dick Marcinko, of the Rogue Warrior books.

We do make a product called Pailing Porter, but it is not in her honor, it honors beer pails of years past. This product will be available only in April starting on the 1st.

We make Ales, Porters, Stouts, Lagers, Root Beer and Spirits -- not politics.

Steve Swan,
Rogue Nation President


MARCH 5, 2010

Rogue Spirits won 2 Medals at the International Review of Spirits -- a Silver for Dead Guy Whiskey and a Bronze for the soon-to-be released Chatoe Rogue Single Malt Whiskey.

Chicago, IL: Yellow Snow IPA was awarded with a Gold Medal and named “Best Embossed Label” at the World Beer Packaging Championships.

Old Crustacean named Grand Champion Barleywine at the US Beer Tasting Championships.  4 other Rogues were named best in Pacific Northwest -- Smoke Ale, Mogul Madness, Hazelnut Brown Nectar, and Dirtoir Black Lager - Variety is the Spice of Life!


MARCH 3, 2010

On March 18, the Thirsty Monk celebrates its rare status as an “ambassador” pub for Rogue Ales by serving at least eight of its brews on draft. The Monk will have some special Rogue brews including a cask of its chocolate stout.


FEBRUARY 25, 2010

Last week the Issaquah Brewhouse hosted a collaboration brewing of Herbert’s Legendary Cask Festival Ale. Herbert’s Ale is brewed in honor of Bert Grant, a Northwest brewing pioneer. Six other Washington brewers lent a hand in brewing this year’s batch which is based on one of Bert’s old recipes.

Herbert’s Legendary Cask Festival Ale will be featured at the Washington Cask Beer Festival, held on March 27th at the Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion (305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109) from 12pm-10pm.

The Issaquah Brewhouse will host a pre-festival tapping of the Herbert’s Cask on March 23rd from 5-8pm and a chance to meet head Brewer Dave Hutchinson. Get there early to ensure you get a taste of this one-time cask ale.


FEBRUARY 19, 2010

Thanks for all the good bowling vibes!!  Brutal Bowlers started out strong, winning against the team we lost to last week--much thanks to Dave Gund's 197!!  Our second game was a nailbiter!  We became 2010 Champs by 7 pins!  This is our first championship since our first league season in 2007!  Good job Brutals & supporters!!  MMMMMMmmmmmm Beeeeerrrr! (our bowling cheer)


FEBRUARY 15, 2010

The new tea of the Rogue Nation is Smith Tea.  Only 4 months old, Smith Tea is founded and Steve Smith who also founded Stash and Tazo tea.  Steve’s success at Tazo led him to sell the company to Starbucks, but being the non-corporate type he left Tazo, took a year off, moved to France, in his words “learned how to wear a scarf”, and ultimately returned to Oregon to begin Smith tea.

Smith Tea is based in NW Portland on 16th & Thurman where they operate a tea shop in the front and have all packaging, blending, shipping, invoicing, etc. in the back.  They have 150 accounts across the country.

All Rogue and Green Dragon pubs will be carrying Fez, Mao Feng Shui, Brahmin’s Choice, Lord Bergamot, Meadow, and Peppermint Leaves teas .

Smith Tea is small, creative, fun, high quality, and revolutionary.  Sound familiar?


FEBRUARY 15, 2010

Yellow Snow advances in IPA Challenge. [read more]


JANUARY 27, 2010

The inauguration interview of BrewHappy, a streaming radio program on featured Brett Joyce, Player/Coach of Rogue Ales. Hosts Damian DeBuiser and Susanna Parker were inducted into the Rogue Nation via a swearing in ceremony.

JANUARY 15, 2010

Beer NW presents BAM

Beer NW presents BAM, a Beer and Movie fest that combines local craft beer with film at Portland theater-pubs from Feb. 10th – 26th. 

Green Dragon is participating and will be hosting “Flight of the Dragon” on Sunday February 21st at 5:00pm.  We will be showing the Bruce Lee cult-classic Enter the Dragon and offering flights of Green Dragon beers.

JANUARY 5, 2010


Deadline for submitting ballot measures for Rogue Nation annual ballot is January 15th.
Send to denise @

JANUARY 5, 2010

Rogue Spirits win 4 Gold Medals in Geneva Switzerland at the 2009/2010 World Beverage Competition. (Dead Guy Whiskey, Spruce Gin, Hazelnut Rum, Dark Rum).

DECEMBER 14, 2009

Beer is food according to Rogue Advocate, Sebbie Buhler. Some of our favorite comfort foods (and haute cuisine) are best enjoyed with ales, lagers, stouts and porters. This tasting experience will touch on the versatility of beer as the ultimate beverage for sweet, salty, bitter and sour along with the fifth sense, Umami. Explore the flavors of Rogue Creamery Cheese, Nueske's Bacon, and Tcho chocolate; paired with a selection of beer from Rogue Ales and Issaquah Brewhouse.

CBR: GABF Beer and Comfort Food -

DECEMBER 11, 2009

Pints For Prostates | Denver Rare Beer Tasting 2009 from Redtail Media on Vimeo.

NOVEMBER 10, 2009

A video production from the Roguesonian Cultural Heritage Interpretive Center & Beerquarium's video library collection.

Coming Soon!






OCTOBER 5, 2009

RE: “Going Rogue: An American life” by Sarah Palin

We make beer not politics, we did not publish the Tome –Harpers did.

Ms. Palin did not seek the Rogue Nation approval for her use of ROGUE; she is not currently a Rogue Nation citizen. The official writer of the Rogue Nation is Richard Marcinko, author of the Rogue Warrior books; Red Cell, The Real Team, Echo Platoon, Lone Survivor, Holy Terror, Designation, Seal Force, Task Force Blue, Inside Delta Force, Detachment Bravo, Vengeance, The Warrior Elite, Violence of Action, Dictator’s Ransom and Option Delta. At this time we have no plans on replacing him.

We are proceding on 2 tracks:

  1. The matter has been referred to Brian Schweppenheiser, the Attorney General for the Rogue Nation.
  2. Led by Captain Sig Hansen of the Deadliest Catch and the Newport fishermen who ply the Alaskan waters, we are investigating where she was born and other issues of character.

P.S. We also didn’t give permission to Samsung to use ROGUE on their new phone, or to STM for use with their new laptop backpack or to Nissan to use ROGUE on their new car!

AUGUST 31, 2009

Imbibe Magazine names 2 Rogue Beers to top 100 beers in the world! Read HERE.

AUGUST 13, 2009

Rogue harvests 1st growth Revolution Hops!

JULY 24, 2009

Rogue Monks at OBF Make Oregonian's Metro Page

For 3 years running, Rogues have been representing at Oregon Brewers Festival, in full monk regalia. Check out the great picture in the Oregonian!

JULY 24, 2009

Rogue "detrimental to socialist morals"

TheChinese trademark applications of “ROGUE” in class 32 and 33 have been refused for the reason of that the meaning of “ROGUE” is “A vagrant; an idle, sturdy beggar; a vagabond; a tramp.” according to Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, Article 10(8): “The following signs shall not be used as trademarks: (8) those detrimental to socialist morals or customs, or having other unhealthy influences.”

Rogue's Hazelnut Brown Nectar featured on Good Morning America.

Click here to watch the whole video.




Rogue Nation Barley Farm Takes Root

The Rogue Nation Department of Agriculture has planted 122 acres of winter malting barley near Tygh Valley, Oregon.

Rogue has entered into a strategic alliance with Dr. Bill McAllister to grow malting barley for Rogue Ales and Rogue Spirits. Together with Rogue Farms’ own hops from its hop yard in Independence, Ore., proprietary Pacman yeast from Wyeast Labs in Odell, Ore. and free range coastal water, Rogue will brew an all-Oregon ingredient Sesquicentennial Ale in 2009 to celebrate the state’s 150th birthday. Read More [PDF] | View pics from the Farm

Dry Hopped Saint Rogue Red
Leads Three-Medal Charge at GABF

Rogue Ales’ Dry-hopped Saint Rogue Red claimed the title of America’s best red ale, leading a three-medal finish for Rogue at the 27th Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

Dry-hopped Saint Rogue Red, first brewed in 1989 for famous Seattle ale-house Latona Pub, won the gold medal in the American-style Amber/Red Ale category, topping 65 entries. Read the Press Release [PDF]

World Class Taste!

Here at Rogue, we have been distilling small-batch artisan Spirits for over 5 years now. Our spirits are distilled, bottled, packaged and shipped from our two pot distilleries in Newport and Portland, Oregon.

Like everything Rogue, our spirits are additive, preservative and chemical free, and use a variety of Oregon grown ingredients such as Willamette Valley Cucumbers, Oregon Hazelnuts and Free Range Coastal Water. World Class Spirits with World Class Taste.

We have also been working tirelessly to make our product available where you live. Have you tried them yet? Do you know where you can find them? If not, then contact Gary Fleshman at (503) 241-3800 or email for more information.

The Rogue Gallery Goes Live!

The air was heavy with the smells of harvest as I drove north thru the Willamette Valley towards Independence Oregon and the Alluvial Farm, headquarters of Rogue Farms. I'd been to the farm before and toured the facility. Today I would get to see it in action as hops were harvested and processed into bails of green gold, destined to satisfy the taste buds of beer enthusiasts worldwide. ~ Joe Rogue
View all our Hop Harvest pictures on Flickr

A Taste of Oregon Beer in Japan - Video

Phred Kauffman and Rogue Ales on KGW.

Create the Oregon Bounty Cocktail: Design a drink, Win a getaway.

It's time to let your inner Rogue bartending skills shine in creating the Oregon Bounty "Unofficial Official Oregon Cocktail."

It's simple. Design a drink that represents your favorite part of the state, using a Rogue artisan distilled spirit and any other local products of your choosing. Pick any of the following Oregon regions to base your cocktail creation around: Portland Metro, Oregon Coast, Central Oregon, Southern Oregon, Willamette Valley, Mt. Hood/Columbia Gorge or Eastern Oregon. If you don't already have a cache of Rogue Spirits (and you should) then pick them up at one of our Rogue distilleries located at our Distillery & Public House in Portland or at the Rogue House of Spirits in Newport. Rogue Spirits can also be purchased at Oregon Liquor stores throughout the state.

Seven winners will receive Oregon Bounty weekend getaways around the state. One will be chosen as the "Unofficial Official Oregon Cocktail." The Grand Prize winner will receive Nambe barware from Macy's and a two-night getaway to meet and taste with Oregon's artisan distillers at the Oregon Distillers Guild Spirits Tasting, October 11 at McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, plus dinners at Paley's Place in Portland, and the Black Rabbit at Edgefield.

Cocktails will be judged on creativity and originality (use of ingredients, how cocktail name/ingredients tie to the associated region) and approachability (how easily cocktail could be recreated by an average person).

Submit your cocktails by August 15th directly to: or by August 22nd, before 5 PM to the Oregon Bounty.

Sig Hansen Brings 'Northwestern' to Seafair; Rogue to brew Deadliest Ale.

Captain Sig Hansen of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch served as the Grand Marshall of Seafair on Seattle's Lake Washington the weekend of August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Check out the video link of Captain Sig and a sneak preview of the Deadliest Ale, the newest addition to the Rogue family of ales, stouts, porters and lagers.

Rogue Warrior in Oregon.

Ex Navy Seal and best selling author Dick Marcinko made a pilgrimage to his namesake brewpubs on a recent visit to Oregon. The author of "Rogue Warrior" and a number of spin-offs on the Rogue Warrior theme, was said to have proudly sampled several Rogue brews and, our insider sources tell us, pronounced them worthy of fighting men everywhere.

Ireland, Norway and Finland sign on to Rogue.

You don't have to stay at home this summer for fear of RWS (Rogue Withdrawal Syndrome). Rogue brews are now available in these three European countries, expanding the list of nations outside the US to nine that carry our brand.

Rogue Navy Expands Fleet.

In an effort to modernize its fleet, Rogue recently acquired a 21' Sea Ray which will be berthed at Pier 39 near its Astoria meeting hall.

Stark Naked Rogue.

The Men of the Oregon Coast 2008 calendar is out, a fund raiser for the Newport Senior Activity Center. Prominent among this prized display of manly flesh is our very own Big Kahuna, Jack Joyce, featured as Mr. February. It has been noted that the bowl required to give Jack's photo just enough modesty for public consumption was quite large. We can only speculate on what that tells us about Rogue co-founder and owner Jack's attributes.

Fight Cancer. Drink Beer?

Damn straight. Or so says a new German study indicating that Xanthohumol, a compound found in hops, depresses certain enzymes that act as carcinogens. Further research at OSU
has shown Xanthohumol effective in combating other cancers, including breast, colon,
ovarian and prostate. Turns out that Xanthohumol also contains more powerful antioxidants than vitamin E.

Beer Belly? Don't Blame the Beer.

In a book released in the UK in January, personal trainer Graeme Hilditch claims that beer is not responsible for the "beer belly" phenomenon. It's not the beer, but a combination of excessive caloric intake, lack of exercise, and a male predisposition to deposit fat in the abdominal area. A study of 2300 drinkers and non-drinkers published in The Journal of Nutrition found that people who drink one alcoholic drink per day consistently have the lowest levels of abdominal fat. Regular consumption, the theory posits, increases the amount of enzymes that break down the alcohol calories. Hilditch's book is titled "Is It Just Me or are Situps a Waste of Time?"